Website Development Part 1

It's the job of today's featured career to design, develop, and produce websites that standout from the crowd and get their clients noticed. Come with me and meet a web developer.

I'm a senior developer, frankly web developers are coders. But they're coders that are responsible for all technical aspects of building a website. You're responsible for taking the graphics and making that into rich experience for someone to browse the web and be engaged by your website.


- So you do a lot of coding, but you're a web developer. Is there a difference between coders and web developers?

Developers will be part of the entire project, where a coder might be just someone who specializes in a specific type of code. The web developer is really just responsible for the most important part, building it. You know, just like an architect can draw the design for the house, people constructing and the people framing the walls and you know, putting the roof trusses on, those are the developers, those are the programmers in the realm of a web development project.

I like to be able to visually tell a story and I've always been an artistic type of person, but I'm not a designer. I can't take a blank canvas and make it art. But what I can do is take someone is a designer, who's very good design and build their design, where their vision into something that works in the web.

You could either take a 2 year college program, or that you could do the university route and do 4 years and spend your time doing theory, learning software development. Ongoing education is incredibly important, this industry is constantly changing; constantly evolving, new technologies are built every day. I have had weeks where I work 35 hours, like 7 hours a day and then I've had crunch time where I maybe working a fair bit of over time to get projects out the door.

It's incredibly important to pay attention to detail. From the coding aspect, if you make a typo, it can ruin your day. Most of this job is typing, it's writing, and sending emails, is instant messaging, it's all of that. Verbal communication is just as important as written. Most meetings are done in person face to face. So if you don't know how to communicate with people, you won't get your ideas across. [Part 2]